New Guide: How to Choose a Marketing Agency in 2023

New Guide: How to Choose a Marketing Agency in 2023 1

New Guide: How to Choose a Marketing Agency

With various marketing agency options, especially in Houston, it can be overwhelming to select whom to work with.

At Brand Ranch Media, our experience as a boutique marketing agency for various types of businesses has given us insight into what topics you should talk about when interviewing marketing consultants to work with.

Let’s jump right into the 5 topics to discuss with your marketing consultants:

  1. Tell your Marketing Agency Your Goals
  2. Discuss Your Budget
  3. Ask about their Services
  4. Find out their Specializations
  5. Get a Feel for their Culture

First thing, what does a marketing agency do? The best marketing agencies analyze data and build the best marketing strategy for superior business growth.  Read more on how the marketing experts at Brand Ranch Media educate business owners and advise on best marketing practices.

01. Tell your Marketing Agency your Goals

When interviewing marketing agencies to hire, it’s important to have a defined goal to share with them. Having a defined goal gives the agency the best view of the vision to implement the best strategy. We talk about setting your goals in this article. Marketing agencies can also assist with streamlining marketing goals to align with your business goals.

If a marketing agency is eager to have you sign a contract before defining and agreeing on a target goal, take it as a red flag. A good marketing agency will not move forward without knowing what they are trying to achieve for its clients.

02. Discuss Your Budget

There’s no question your marketing budget is important not only for you but to your marketing agency. It’s best practice to come prepared to talk to them about your allotted budget range. Your marketing agency will be all up in your business, literally. Being transparent about your budget upfront gives the relationship between you and your marketing agency a solid foundation.

Marketing agencies typically have a minimum marketing budget they require from clients they work with. It’s normal to start with an agency that is within your budget and grow from there. Asking the correct questions when interviewing different marketing agencies, such as budget, can tell you whether a marketing agency is a good fit.

03. Ask About Their Services

Marketing agencies are diverse in the services they provide. Some marketing agencies are heavy in digital media, while others may focus on public relations efforts or media buying, etc. When interviewing marketing agencies to hire, it’s essential to ask what their experience is with the services you are requesting.

The best marketing agencies will also advise and educate company leaders on which services they see as the best fit for the marketing strategy.

04. Find out their Specialization

Many experienced marketing agencies have their own specific specialty. Whether it be the types of businesses they work with, the knowledge of a market, or a certain service they excel in. Open the conversation when interviewing marketing agencies to find out if their superpowers align with the goals you want to achieve.

05. What’s the Culture of the Marketing Company

Another important factor in selecting marketing agencies to work with is getting an insight into their company culture. One way to get a grasp of the culture is to take a visit to their office. While there, take note of how their office looks, feels, and most importantly, how their employees interact with one another.

If your organization is very casual and the marketing agency is an uber-cold-laboratory-of-robots, the two may struggle in communication. A great marketing company will support your vision, mission & goal and seek ways to serve you and your customers with integrity as an extension of your brand.

At Brand Ranch Media, we use the golden rule – “If we wouldn’t do it with our money, we won’t do it with yours.”

Jump back to one of the sections:

  1. Tell your Marketing Consultant Your Goals
  2. Discuss Your Budget
  3. Ask about their Services
  4. Find out their Specializations
  5. Get a Feel for their Culture

Having these types of open discussions with your marketing agency will give you clarity in selecting the right marketing agecny for your business.

At Brand Ranch Media, we have helped our clients scale their businesses to become industry leaders. We have the experience and foresight to help you reach your business goals. Give us a call at 713-309-6380 or use our contact form to start the conversation today!

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