Media Planning & Media Buying Is Complicated & Boring

Media Planning and Media Buying is a complex intricate, and cumbersome process that involves strategy, negotiation, and placement of ads onto different platforms. The goal is to reach the largest amount of targeted persons for the lowest cost with enough frequency to make an impact.

It’s not glamorous or exciting. It’s necessary and time-consuming. It’s important that it’s done correctly because even a slight mistake can negatively impact your ROI or lead to ineffective ads.

Well-executed media planning and buying is what turns great creative into a powerful ad campaign that builds the customer base of your dreams, to support your business for years!

The Benefits of Well-Executed Media Planning

The reward for the effort is great, more leads, conversions & profit…that’s what we are all seeking. We want to add customers to our pipeline, not add tasks to our to-do list. It’s long enough without media planning & buying….

✅ The goal of media planning is to get your ad to the right audience at the right time.

✅ Media buying is executing the plan, hitting the target, at the lowest cost.

🛑 The goal was never to have a to-do list full of busy-work or manage a ton of vendors!

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You Win! The Benefits of Effective Media Buying

In the past, media planning and media buying was accomplished by separate teams of many people. Nowadays, these separate initiatives end up on the to-do list of just one team, or a single warrior that needs to also get other business initiatives completed.

This individual or team responsible for media planning and buying must rely on their limited knowledge of media channels, limited access to data, or rely on the advice of media vendors who are financially incentivized to sell you their platform. This is a recipe for marketing mediocrity and media inefficiency.

At BRM, we join your marketing family. We come with teams of experts who love to check complicated and boring tasks off your to-do list. We live for it!

With the right team (Brand Ranch Media) on your side, you are free to focus on the areas of your company that deserve your attention, where you thrive, and where you will have the biggest impact. Whether that’s with your team, with your customers, or developing your next big idea. We want you to crush it!

We Work For Free (The Hidden Cost)

Yes, it’s true. Read it again. FREE. If you’re already paying for media placement, you don’t have to pay more to plan it and get it there. In fact, you may be paying too much! Media companies are already paying companies, like ours, to do the grunt work for you. When you or someone at your company buys media from the big media corporations, the only winner is them.

They get top dollar (i.e. “rate card” pricing); they give less spots/delivery, and they don’t have to pay commission or wages for the work you did or the time you spent planning and placing the media buys. Your company pays the big guys (more than we would) and must pay someone on the team to hand it over to them.

✅ If you could hire an expert who will get the task done faster, better, and do it for free, would you?

✅ We want to free up your company time. Have an expert from our team join your team to get you more ads for what you are already spending, and the media companies will pay for it. When you know how the system works, you can let the system work for you. 

✅ Our founder and team have worked for the largest media networks for decades and never liked taking advantage of hardworking business owners and marketing managers when a win-win solution was right there all along.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Our Approach is different

We drive revenue. We understand what you really want because we run a business just like you. So, we know that fancy marketing stats and charts only show part of the story, and don’t pay the bills or put food on the table.

Things like impressions, views, clicks and leads can be great, but we don’t celebrate until a sale is made. 

✅ Our #1 objective is to help you maximize your ROI (or ROAS for you digital marketers).

Traditional & Digital Media Planning and Buying Services:

Traditional Media

Digital Media

Omnichannel Marketing

Eliminate the headaches caused by dealing with multiple vendors and know you’re getting the best ROI from your marketing spend.

When a marketing company only offers single channel solutions, their solution will always be to spend more on what they’ve got.

Digital marketing, traditional media, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, email marketing, etc. are ingredients in our custom recipes, not the main dish. So, you can be confident when we suggest the perfect mix for you, it’s for your benefit, not ours.

Most importantly, the power of the message increases (effectiveness) when the channels work together in a unified voice.

Media Planning and media Buying
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