Digital Marketing Is Complicated & Elusive

Developing and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy is a complicated and elusive process involving management of multiple digital marketing platforms, tactics, campaigns, ad groups, and audiences, just to name a few.  

A robust and effective digital marketing strategy involves utilization of numerous methods including both organic & paid content to reach your potential customers and allow them to reach you through online channels like search engines, social media platforms, emails, blogs, video platforms, among others.

Part of the complexity and elusiveness is that there are so many channels and audiences! A solid digital marketing strategy does not contain one channel, but various channels that will work cohesively together.  Who you are targeting and how to reach them is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Successful digital marketing strategists know that it’s an entire network of outbound and inbound digital platforms, organic and paid content, custom audience segmentation, and a myriad of digital marketing tactics that all work together to help you achieve your goals. 

There are hundreds of mini tasks that come with each one. It’s a lot like the old spinning plates routine. Except the routine is the to-do list never ends. 

Digital marketing only works when it’s constantly supervised, routinely tracked, analyzed, and optimized. The internet, digital marketing landscape, and consumers are constantly evolving, and your digital marketing strategy must keep up with these moving targets for optimal performance. We can help!

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The Benefits of Digital Marketing

The reward for all the effort is great, more leads, conversions, and profit. That’s what we are all after. We want to add customers to our pipeline, not add tasks to our to-do list. It’s long enough without digital marketing extras…. 

Understanding, planning, creating and formatting content, uploading, scheduling, tracking, analyzing results, and optimizing is a continuous cyclical process.

✅ The goal of digital marketing is to get you more traffic, leads, customers & sales!

🛑 The goal was never to have a to-do list full of busy-work or manage a ton of vendors!

At BRM we join your marketing family. We come with teams of experts who love to check complicated tasks off of your to-do list. We live for it! 

You Win!

In years past, digital marketing was accomplished by separate teams comprised of many people. Over the years these separate initiatives have slowly merged into one process.  This process is completed by a team of just a few people, or even a single warrior, who manages multiple vendors, but also needs to get other business initiatives completed.

With the right tool, (Brand Ranch Media) you are free to focus on the areas that deserve your attention, where you thrive, and where you will have the biggest impact. Whether that’s with your team, with your customers, or developing your next big idea. We want you to crush it! 

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click (SEM/PPC)

Our certified Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) specialists are Google and Microsoft Partners who manage millions of dollars in pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns for various industries. We handle all aspects including ad creation, placement, tracking, and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improve your website’s ranking and increase organic traffic and visibility using proven, ethical SEO procedures. Brand Ranch Media follows the latest digital marketing trends and provides in-house Local SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO services including website audits, keyword research, link building, content writing, and performance tracking.

YouTube Channel Optimization (SEO)

What good is having a great video if nobody sees it? As the 2nd largest search engine in the world, more people are using YouTube to find products and services just like yours. Optimization of your YouTube channel is just as important as the SEO on your website! Our digital marketing experts will develop a strategy for your channel, optimize content, and create engaging thumbnails to bring in more organic viewers.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your brand presence across social media platforms and reach your customers where they are! Our social media marketing experts will align your goals with those of your marketing campaigns, driving measurable actions and results. We handle everything from account setup, optimization, audience analysis, content planning and creation, follower growth, paid advertising, performance tracking and more.

Video Marketing

Put that engaging video (or video concept) into action with a strategic video marketing strategy. Utilize a vastly growing streaming audience and reach your target audience on various platforms including numerous streaming television (OTT/CTV) outlets, YouTube, social media, websites, podcasts, and more.

Content Marketing

You’ve heard it before…content is king. Luckily, our in-house digital content team handles everything from engaging copywriting to award-winning graphics, animations, videos, and more! Our goal is to uncover what makes you unique and package it in a way that is digestible, sparks emotion, and demands action with your audience. We create content for various industries and multiple formats including social media, email marketing, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, print, and more!

Website Strategy

Your website strategy is a long-term business plan that helps guide the content you create, your marketing efforts, and more. The strategy will include your primary goals, take an inventory of your brand and content, define the story you are telling, and will include a technical launch plan for seamless integration.

Website Design and Development

Design and build your website with purpose. Our web designers and web developers specialize in building websites with the latest user experience (UX) principles combined with a sound SEO strategy and measurable conversion tracking.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

At Brand Ranch Media, we’re hungry and never satisfied. Our digital marketing specialists use the latest CRO methods to increase conversions (phone calls, form fills, online sales, etc.) from all online sources that enables clients to maximize their marketing spend. Some of our methods include website audits and user behavior analysis, keyword research, landing page creation and optimization, and more.

Custom Audience Segmentation

Your business is successful because you have great customers, and the goal of custom audience segmentation is to find more customers like them. Our digital marketing specialists work with you to integrate your customer lists, website traffic, engagement across social media, and a various custom audience segments to deliver highly specific and targeted ads to your potential customers without wasting dollars on generic audiences with no intent to buy.

Display Advertising

Reach a highly targeted audience on websites, apps, or games played on devices. Our display marketing experts can micro-target users based on their online search history, competitor website visits, purchase behavior, etc. to reach users who are actively in the market for your product or service.

Email / Text Message Marketing

If you’re not using email or text message marketing in your overall marketing strategy, you need to! On average, email marketing campaigns generate a 44X return on investment! Our email and text message marketing campaigns will grow your email subscriber list, optimize your open rates, integrate with your website / e-commerce, automate your sales funnel, and grow your revenue!

Reputation Management

Online reviews are many times the first line of research for a potential customer. Your brand’s online reputation is critical to improving your marketing performance yet can become more difficult as your business grows. Brand Ranch Media’s digital marketing experts can help you engage online with happy customers and mitigate the damage of negative reviews.

Marketing Analytics

As data scientists, we understand the complexities of measuring various data sources and attribution to the bottom line. We simplify the process and provide valuable insights by merging digital marketing performance with marketing and sales data to capture true ROI of your marketing and advertising efforts. From the first touch to the last click, our goal is to understand the customer journey to improve business performance.

Digital Video Production

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we have everything you need in-house to produce the highest quality videos that are optimized for specific channels. Our creative production team understands the various formats needed to maximize your reach and will produce videos that earn respect, challenge the status quo, and bring the most value to your marketing.

Our Approach is different

We drive revenue.  We understand what you really want, because we run a business just like you. So, we know that fancy marketing stats and charts only show part of the story, and don’t pay the bills or put food on the table. Things like views and leads can be great, but we don’t celebrate until customers convert and a sale is made.

Omnichannel Marketing

Eliminate the headaches cause by dealing with multiple vendors and know you’re getting the best ROI from your marketing spend. 

When a marketing company only offers single channel solutions, their solution will always be to spend more on what they’ve got.

Digital, traditional media, and creative production are simply ingredients in our custom recipes, not the main dish. So, you can be confident when we suggest the perfect mix for you, it’s for your benefit, not ours.

Most importantly, the power of the message increases (effectiveness) when the channels work together in a unified voice.

Media Planning and media Buying
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