7 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Traditional Media

7 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Traditional Media


Advertisers are consistently trying to decide where to spend ad dollars between traditional media and digital media campaigns. Despite the growing influence of digital media over the past 5 years, traditional media via TV and radio still holds significant value for Houston brands. Here are seven influential reasons why brands should continue to use traditional media for effective marketing and advertising.

Wider Audience Reach

Traditional media platforms such as television, radio, and newspapers continue to have a broad and diverse audience base. In the Houston market, we are looking at audiences of thousands of people for most off-prime programming, and prime programming on television is frequently in the hundreds of thousands. By utilizing traditional media, brands can tap into these established channels and reach a wide range of demographics, including older audiences who may not be as digitally connected.

Captive Audience

Traditional media often captures the attention of a captive audience. 31% of American households own four TV sets or more, and roughly 65% of U.S. households still pay for TV services. *(1) The typical American views around three hours of TV every single day. The majority is live programming.  For example, television viewers may be more likely to pay attention to commercials during their favorite shows, live news, or sports programming, while radio listeners may tune in during their daily commutes.

Radio reaches 89% of US Adults per 2022 Neilsen and Scarborough data, which shows average adult listeners spend about 7 hours and 40 minutes listening a week. *(2) Brands can leverage these captive moments to deliver their messages effectively and engage consumers who are less likely to actively seek out digital content.

Credibility and Trust

Traditional media outlets have built a reputation for credibility and trust over many years, often featuring expert commentary, opinion pieces, and interviews with industry leaders. By participating in these platforms, brands can position themselves as thought leaders and gain authority in their respective fields. This association with established media outlets can help strengthen a brand’s reputation and increase its perceived expertise and trust with its target audience.

Brand Awareness and Recall

Traditional media, with its broad reach and repetitive nature, helps in building brand awareness and recall. Television for example, has the advantage of combining visual and audio elements, creating a lasting impact on viewers and listeners. This can be especially useful for brands seeking to create a strong and memorable presence in consumers’ minds.

Local Community Engagement

Traditional media outlets often have strong ties to local communities. By using local newspapers, and radio stations, or sponsoring community events, brands can demonstrate their commitment to the community and build goodwill. This localized approach can create a sense of belonging and foster brand loyalty among consumers.

Targeted Local Advertising

Local newspapers, cable television, and billboards are effective for targeting specific geographic areas. For brands focusing on local or regional markets, traditional media offers a targeted approach to reach potential customers in specific locations. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses with limited budgets or those operating in niche markets.

Integration with Digital Marketing

Traditional media can complement and reinforce digital marketing efforts. By incorporating consistent messaging across various channels, including television, radio, out-of-home, print, and online platforms, brands can create a cohesive and integrated marketing strategy. This synergy helps maximize the impact of campaigns enhance overall brand recognition and increase the effectiveness of the campaigns.

While digital media continues to grow rapidly, traditional media still offers unique advantages that can effectively complement a brand’s marketing strategy. The key lies in striking the right balance and leveraging the strengths of each medium to achieve the desired outcomes. By strategically incorporating traditional media alongside digital marketing tactics, brands can maximize their visibility, build strong connections with Houston residents, and ultimately achieve their marketing objectives in this diverse and dynamic Houston market.

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